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Huawei cuts meetings with US, sends US workers home


The Financial Times has dismissed Huawei’s employees to cancel technical meetings with American people and dismissed many US citizens working in China. Of course, this move has emerged over the past few weeks after the tensions in trade and technology that Huawei has always been on.

Dang Wenshuan, the company’s Strategy Manager, said two weeks ago that US President Donald Trump had returned to US employees working in the research and development department at the company’s headquarters after he blacklisted Huawei and 68 affiliated companies.

Financial Times said Huawei’s workshop was hurriedly scattered, and US employees were told to remove their laptops and isolate their networks and leave all facilities after all.

Huawei declined to comment on Financial Times news. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the United States blacklist in response to the black list of companies that will not be trusted to add a black list. Ministry spokesman Gao Feng, do not obey the market rules, he will label companies as untrustworthy and blacklisted in case of non-adherence to the contracts and the suspension or suspension of Chinese commercial enterprise.

In addition, Ministry spokesman Gao said that special measures to be taken against enterprises will be explained in more detail at a later date. The goal of the list, he said, was to oppose unilateralism and commercial bans and to protect China’s national security.

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