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Huawei branded smartphone exploded in China


According to Chinese media reports, the Chinese smartphones had a 130 percent increase in the sales of their smart phones.

In recent developments in China, the Chinese smartphone users are starting to give up Apple branded smartphones, and it is embarrassing for them to use this brand, they now say that they will prefer Huawei branded phones.

Economic competition between the US and China is expected to affect the whole world. The process, which began with the US administration’s announcement that it would impose sanctions on Huawei recently, brought with it great commercial problems between China and the United States.

The sanctions imposed on Huawei were unacceptable, and the Chinese decided to boycott Apple products. In the meantime, China’s Huawei smart phone sales increased by 130 percent, while Apple branded smartphone sales are expected to decline significantly. According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), after the decisions of the US against Huawei, the Chinese are buying their new phones and instead of choosing the Apple brand, they turn to their own brands. According to a recent research company Counterpoint, the rate of iPhone sales in China was 9.1 percent last year, Before deciding that the US government would impose sanctions on Huawei, it had already fallen to 7.1 per cent. With the recent developments, this decline is expected to continue more violently.


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