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Huawei announces the world’s fastest artificial intelligence training system

Huawei announces the world’s fastest artificial intelligence training system

Huawei announced that it has developed an artificial intelligence learning system called Atlas 900 for companies seeking rapid integration in the scientific and corporate fields.

Huawei’s recent steps in artificial intelligence are remarkable. The artificial intelligence technology that started on mobile devices gradually shifted to the server side. The growing interest in the machine learning language on the corporate side led Huawei to increase its investments.

What is Huawei Atlas 900?

Huawei, which introduced Ascend artificial intelligence processor for servers in recent weeks, has now announced a new cluster system to train artificial intelligence technologies. The new system will train artificial intelligence technologies in areas such as scientific research and corporate innovation.

The Atlas 900 cluster system is based on hundreds of Ascend processors. The cluster system managed to train the ResNet-50 test, which measures artificial intelligence performance, in just 59.8 seconds. The previous record was 70 seconds.

Huawei says the next 5 years will become the mainstream of the statistical information industry and artificial intelligence technologies will cover 80 percent of the energy spent on all computer systems. In this regard, the company will invest $ 1.5 billion in the developer program. The Atlas 900 training cluster was integrated into the Huawei Cloud platform and made available to customers in different industries.

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