Huami Zepp E series introduced: Here are all the details

Huami Zepp E series introduced: Here are all the details

The Xiaomi ship on the Huami smart watch market introduced its new series called Zepp E. Regarding what is the smart watch design that we divide into square and round. Therefore, Huemi got a place in his new series of watches with two different designs. All the details we learned about the Huami Zepp E series!

Huami Zepp E series introduced: specifications and price

We learned almost every detail from Huemi’s presentation. The presentation featured the design, specifications and prices of the watch.

Zepp E Circle with round design and Zepp E Square with square design have all the features we expect in a good smart time. In the hours next to the ripple, there is a sleep and SpO2 sensor that allows you to measure blood oxygen levels. This detail is something we can’t see in a few smart hours.

Huami Zepp E design details

Zepp E Circle with a backless screen design, AMOLED display with a resolution of 416 × 416 1.28 inches. Zepp E Square with an angular screen design has an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 348 × 442 1.65 inches. A model with an angular design looks more advantageous for screen size. The model has a stainless steel case, and the cordons are made of various materials.

Watch cordons have the same color options: “Polar Night in Black,” “Deep Sea Blue,” “Lunar Makeup,” “Gravel,” “Onyx Black,” “Pale Blue,” “Champagne Color” and “Metallic Black.”

The Huami Zepp E series includes 11 sports modes. Some of these sports modes can be running, swimming, cycling and walking in the closed or open air. In addition, we can say that the clock is one step ahead, because there are some possibilities to give recommendations on the quality of sleep. Easy sleep, deep sleep and waking moments are easily monitored.

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Despite the fact that at 5 o’clock the ATM was water resistant, I would like to emphasize that GPS, unfortunately, does not exist. Now that we are gradually seeing stress, the feature will be available for the Huami Zepp E series with an OTA update.

188 mAh batteries per hour. This battery plans to use up to a week in normal use and up to 15 days in rarer use. We can charge the clock when we set the magnetic charging to two pin connectors below the clock.

There is no Wear OS per hour, instead there is a smart watch operating system developed specifically for the Zepp series. This operating system supports five different interfaces that can be replaced in the Zepp mobile application. Let’s see if it’s a plus or minus.

One of the most interesting parts is price. The price of the hour is $249.

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