How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features be?

How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features be
How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features be?

Apple did not introduce the new iPhone family at its launch on September 15 and welcomed users with Apple Watch 6 and SE. Finally, on October 13, the launch date was given for the new iPhone models. But how will the iPhone Pro Max features be?

How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features be? Here are the expectations:

The new version of the Pro Max model, which came out with the iPhone 11, is preparing to appear soon. The framed design, abandoned by Apple, seems to come back with 5G technology.

Let’s see if the iPhone, which has adopted a curved design line for a long time, will be imitated by its competitors with this new design?

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen

Pro Max, which will appear as the most expensive iPhone model, with its 6.7-inch XDR OLED screen, is intended for iPhone users who expect a large screen.

This giant screen has Super Retina feature and reaches 555 ppi density. In this respect, apart from the battery size and screen size, it is among the expectations that we will encounter a model that does not differ much from the iPhone 12 Pro.

How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features 1

Apple has not given up the Pro Max model, although it has been criticized a lot and the Pro models have achieved higher sales in terms of sales. However, Apple may go beyond expectations in terms of iPhone Pro Max features at launch.

On the screen side, the biggest expectation is that the 120Hz screen refresh rate, which has become the standard for flagship phones, will be offered to Apple users with the Pro models. However, 120Hz screen refresh can come up with ProMotion screen technology like the iPad Pro.

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This technology has been developed to adjust the screen refresh between 60Hz and 120Hz according to the application used and to save battery.

It is also expected that 240 fps and 4K video recording support will appear among the iPhone Pro and Pro Max features.

It is also rumored that Apple uses a different battery technology to reduce the increasing costs.

iPhone Pro Max processor

As the processor, there is Apple’s A14 Bionic processor with 5 nm processor architecture. This processor has a processing speed of 3.1 Ghz. This is the fastest processing speed ever achieved by an ARM-based mobile processor.

Although its biggest competitor, Snapdragon 875 performance results have not been revealed yet, the A14 Bionic processor is expected to be at the top of the mobile processor league again.

Breaking its own records in terms of performance, Apple draws attention with its performance increase among the A14 Bionic processor features. Announcing the features of the A14 processor at an event on September 16, Apple had compared the A14 Bionic processor with the A12 model used in the previous iPad model instead of the A13.

The A14 Bionic is among the first to show that it has achieved a performance increase of 40 percent on the processor side and 30 percent on the graphics side compared to the A12.

The full performance values of the processor and the efficiency and performance differences with the A13 are expected to be seen on the October 13 launch.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

The notch design is not abandoned in the new iPhone models. However, the notch, which is quite wide and includes the Face ID sensor, is expected to be slightly smaller. In short, the dream of an iPhone without a notch seems to be a dream this year as well.

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Just like the iPhone 12 Pro, the new iPhone Pro Max, equipped with 6 GB of RAM, welcomes us with the same triple camera setup and LIDAR sensor on the camera side.

The model will appear in a stainless steel case, just like the iPhone 12 Pro. For iPhone 12 and Mini, an aluminum frame is expected to be used in the body.

How will iPhone 12 Pro Max features 2

On the camera side, Apple, who wants to focus more on augmented reality experiences, will come up with the LIDAR sensor produced by Sony for 12 Pro models.

This sensor, which we came across last year, has been used by NASA for years and allows the camera to accurately measure surfaces using laser and light.

In this way, augmented reality applications and game experiences are experienced in a much more realistic way.

Unlike other models, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max camera will appear with a quad camera setup, The rear camera will be equipped with wide, ultra-wide, telephoto and TOF lenses. In the fourth camera space on the back, there will be a LIDAR sensor that performs 3D scanning. The camera is also expected to appear in sensors such as 3x optical zoom, ToF sensor.

Each of these cameras is expected to have a resolution of 12 Megapixels. However, Apple can also surprise in this regard. Again, the front camera will appear with a resolution of 12 Megepixels.

iPhone 12 Pro Max battery

On the battery side, 2227 mAh for iPhone 12 mini; 2775 mAh for 12 and 12 Pro; The battery capacity of 3687 mAh has been determined for the 12 Pro Max. In terms of color, Pro models will appear in the form of space gray, night green, gold, silver and navy blue.

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Last year, this color seems to have been replaced by dark blue in the Pro models, which were appreciated for their night green color. For iPhone 12 and Mini, it will appear in white, black, green, yellow, purple and red colors. Again, it is among the claims that the orange color will come for 12 and Mini.

iPhone 12 Mini 5.4 inch screen, aluminum frame, iPhone 12, 6.1 inch screen, aluminum frame, iPhone 12 Pro, 6.1 inch screen, stainless steel frame, iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7 inch screen, stainless It will appear with a steel frame.

iPhone 12 Pro Max price

Although there are almost no unknown details about the models, it is a matter of curiosity, especially whether the box contents will come without a charger as claimed.

It is expected that Apple will make such a cost calculation in order not to make a big price increase.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will have the highest price range, is expected to cost $ 1149 for 128 GB of memory.

It is expected that it will come to the market with a price tag of $ 1249 for those who prefer 256 GB as memory and $ 1449 for 512 GB. How do you think iPhone 12 Pro Max features and price will be? We are waiting your comments.

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