How to Turn Off FaceTime on iPhone (+ MacOS and iPad)


Do you know how to close FaceTime video calling on iPhone (iOS), iPad and macOS? With operations that are actually quite simple, you can close or exit the application in seconds.

We can make a video call with Facetime even in a comfortable way even with our loved ones on the other side of the world. IPhone (iOS), iPad and macOS users had to close the FaceTime application due to a security vulnerability. It was at this point that many users did not know how to do this.

FaceTime calls are better quality than normal calls. Adding quality audio to the video calling makes it even more attractive. However, you may still need to close the FaceTime application in case of emergency as mentioned above or when selling your device. For this, iPhone, iPad and macOS devices are implemented in different ways.

How to turn off iPhone (iOS) and iPad FaceTime?

How to Turn Off FaceTime on iPhone (+ MacOS and iPad)
  • Open Settings
  • Enter FaceTime from the drop-down list
  • You can turn it off by touching the green status bar opposite FaceTime
  • If you want to open it you can follow the same path again.

iPhone and iPad users can turn FaceTime off by following the steps in the items above. There is no charge to close or open FaceTime. The iMassage application, which only allows free messaging between Apple users, costs a very low one-time fee. You can also turn FaceTime on and off at any time.

How to turn off macOS FaceTime?

  • Open the FaceTime application on the Mac
  • Tap Preferences, and then enter Settings
  • Finally, tap Sign Out.
  • You can enter the app with your Apple username and password to log in again.
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Mac users can close the video call application by following the steps above. You can also close notifications and calls without closing the application completely. To do so, just log in to the application and then click Turn off FaceTime. From that moment you will not receive any notification and calls will remain unanswered.

A very general question that is always asked: Is the video call paid in FaceTime?

The reason why this question was asked so often was that FaceTime used to be an Internet-free feature, and the world was getting used to iPhones as it was getting used to 3G calls. Later, Apple, on the insistence of operators made the feature connected to the Internet.

Due to this change, there is a mistake that some Apple users pay for video calls on their iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. All calls made through FaceTime are covered by your internet package, if you have a defined internet package on your line or if you are connected to Wi-Fi, there are no additional charges.

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