How to fix iPhone no service issue?

How to fix iPhone no service issue?

One of the problems that iPhone owners often encounter is an error in servicing iPhone. The fact that the problem may be hardware or software worries users. Because if this is due to a hardware problem, you should send the device to the service or fix it at another service point. So how to solve the problem without iPhone? Let’s get closer to this.

To avoid a service error, you can back up your device before going to these operations. You can back up to your iCloud account, that is, directly to the Internet or to your computer using iTunes.

1 -) Turn off, open. Apple’s first recommendation for users is to restart the device. As we mentioned above, if you encounter a software problem, turning off and opening the device can fix this problem. Of course, at this step there are very few who survived the problem. If the problem continues after the reboot, proceed to the other steps;

2 -) Remove and reinstall the SIM card. It also solves user problems in some cases.

If you continue to make mistakes, the operator settings may not be up to date. To do this, you must take the following steps:

3 -) Connect to the Wi-Fi network with iPhone. Go to Settings > General > O. Check if an operator update is available here. If there is an update, it will come out. You must install this update.

If the above solutions do not work for a problem without servicing the iPhone, you must complete the following steps sequentially.

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4 -) Check if your phone is up to date. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. There will be information on whether there are updates. If you have an update, download it and install it.

If the iOS update is not enabled, go to Operator from Settings > O. 3 times over this option. If you do not use the current version on the operator side, the upgrade process will begin. Your operator’s settings will be updated automatically.

Alternative solutions for iPhone No Service Repair

If you still get a iPhone service error, you can also try the following methods.

Set the iPhone to flight mode and set it to OFF. And after shutdown, remove the SIM card.

  • Open the iPhone without a SIM card. Turn off flight mode and turn off the phone again.
  • Insert the SIM card when the iPhone is off and answer the call.
  • After opening your phone, log in to Settings > General > Reset and click Reset Network Settings. This will help you reset your network connections. iPhone

By this point, many users are getting a solution to the problem. However, for those users who still do not fix the problem, the method of completely resetting the device is started.

In the last step, we will set the iOS again to iPhone through iTunes. You can do the following: You can also click here to download iTunes through Apple.

  • Turn off the iPhone when you receive a backup of the iPhone.
  • Connect the iPhone using the Lightning cable to the computer that is installed on the current iTunes. Hold down the main screen key when connecting the cable. Press the Sound On key twice on iPhone X models and after. Finally, press the power key for a long time. You will see a link to the iTunes on the screen.
  • After this screen iTunes will automatically study the model and show the boot options on the computer. On the outgoing screen, click Restore.
  • Click Update and Restore. Starting to load the model. Do not delete or change the cable between your computer and iPhone until this process is complete. A small disconnection can seriously damage the iPhone.
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It was a solution/repair without maintenance iPhone. If you still have a phone service error, you can contact Apple Authorized Services. The problem is hardware, and therefore the intervention of specialists in its field is required.

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