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How to Delete Location Information from Photos Shared on iPhone (iOS 13)


As of September 19, iOS 13 is now available in many regions with new features. One of the highlights of this feature is to delete the location information in the photos. In this article, we’ll look at how to delete location information from your iPhone photos.

When you take a photo on iPhone or iPad, iOS automatically uses GPS information to record and show the exact location of the shot, and saves the location where the photo was taken. This feature is liked by many users, but not annoying ones.

Social media applications automatically take the location of these photos from your device and offer them as an option when you want to share them. Of course, these are within the user’s permissions, but they can still be shared with thoughtfulness and can reveal a relatively weak security. Let’s take a look at how to avoid this problem.

How to delete location information from iPhone photos

How to delete location information from iPhone photos

At this point, with iOS 13, Apple offers a new way to remove a photo location before sharing the photo with someone or on social media. Here’s what you need to do to delete the location information:

  1. Take normal photos or videos with the default camera application.
  2. Find the album or section that contains the photo.
  3. If you’re sharing only one picture or video, open it and tap “Share.”
  4. To share multiple photos and videos, tap ‘Select’ in the upper right corner of the album, select all the files you want to send, and then tap ‘Share.’
  5. As you are about to share the photo, you will see the new “Options” button that comes with iOS 13.
  6. Open ‘Options’ and disable ‘Location’.
  7. Then send your photo through any app you want.

This process is not saved permanently and is reset after each submission. So if you don’t want your location to be sent, you have to repeat this process every time.

This handy iOS 13 privacy feature is designed only for photos and videos you share with others. This means that all photos on your device continue to hold location information and only delete the location information of the photo or video you want to send.

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