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How to Delete a Gmail Account?


It is easy to delete your old or unwanted email addresses. But remember that this deletion is performed permanently. In other words, after this process, your email address will be completely lost, and your account settings will also be deleted. Just as you cannot use this address to send and receive E-mail, if you later change your mind and want to receive an address with the same name, the process is not possible.

But deleting a Gmail account does not affect all Google accounts that the email address is connected to. In other words, you can use services such as Google Play, Drive and Docs in the same way. Only when using these apps will Google ask you for an alternative email address. However, if you say, “all conditions suit me, let’s delete this account”, let’s go step by step:

How to delete a Gmail account?

Step #1: First, log into your account via Google.
Step #2: Click on the grid icon in the upper right corner, click on the “Account” icon,
Step #3: On the page that opens, click on the “Manage your data and customization” button from the “Privacy and Personalization” section,
Step #4: Then scroll down a bit with the mouse wheel and click on “Delete a service or your account”.
Step #5: Click on “Delete account” on the confirmation page and enter your password,
Step #6: Confirm the Google terms and click on “Delete account”.

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