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Hidden on Samsung’s site: Galaxy S20 release date!

Hidden on Samsung’s site: Galaxy S20 release date!

Shortly after Samsung introduced its newest S family. A new piece of information has emerged for the Galaxy S20 models, which will be introduced with the Unpacked 2020 event to be held on February 11. This time, the source of the information released is Samsung’s official website. By visiting the site, the Galaxy S20 can get the answer to the curious question about the release date.

Galaxy S20 release date is hidden on the website

Samsung has created a registration page on the website for those who want to buy any of the new smartphones. To have one of the new phones, it is necessary to fill in the registration page. On this registration page, it is written that the phones will be delivered until March 6.

Along with the Galaxy S20, a foldable phone called Galaxy Z Flip will also be introduced. This registration page is considered not to be for Galaxy Z Flip. With the order made, users can reserve one of the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra models.

The record, which started in the United States, is gifted to users for $ 35. The user who orders a Galaxy S20 can use $ 35 on suitable devices and accessories. In the meantime, let’s also point out that the registration does not guarantee a purchase or pre-order.

Speaking of Galaxy S20 accessories, it is thought that there may be problems with coronavirus in the supply of these accessories. As you know, many accessories manufacturers make their production in China. This may be disrupted by the epidemic that is currently happening in China and threatening to spread all over the world. It is thought that both the coronavirus epidemic and the extended Chinese New Year holiday may cause problems in shipments.

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