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“Heart rate” can be measured with the Xiaomi camera!

“Heart rate” can be measured with the Xiaomi camera!

At the moment, many phones do not have functions that can measure the rate of palpitations. Smarter watches and wrists move into Xiaomi cameras. With Xiaomi’s Mi Health app, you can track your heart rate using your phone’s camera and flash. That means you don’t need a special sensor to measure your heart rate. Xiaomi camera will measure heart speed!

Xiaomi camera will measure heart rate

It had a special sensor that allows you to measure the rate of heartbeat on old Samsung flagship phones (such as Note 9). You will not need special equipment to use this technology with Xiaomi noise, because thanks to the Mi Health application, the rate of heartbeat can be measured along with the phone camera and flash.

It works the same way in touch phones. You have to put your finger in the phone camera and then wait for the lights to go out. The flash turns on, the camera measures the rate of the heartbeat, and the data is measured.

You should go to the heartbeat by logging in to the phone app. And then you are already heading with the necessary steps. This feature, which appears with screen images, is not currently used, but it seems that it will be available to Xiaomi users and then updated.

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