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‘Harmony OS’ operating system ‘Honor Vision TV’ introduced

‘Harmony OS’ operating system ‘Honor Vision TV’ introduced

Harmony OS introduced Just one day passed, the first device using the new operating system was introduced. Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro.

HarmonyOS was introduced for the first time in the television will be used for the first time we passed on. With the event that took place today, we had the chance to see the first device with HarmonyOS without waiting too long. Let’s look at the features of the Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro television models soon.

TV with retractable camera

There is no fundamental difference between the standard Honor Vision and Pro models. Both have a 55-inch 4K panel. This screen meets 87 percent of the NTSC color palette, with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. 60 Hz refresh rate, 400 nits brightness and 178 degree viewing angle are other features of the display.

On the design side, we can say that they are quite stylish and light. Only 6.9 mm thick, the TV’s screen frames are very thin. When we go inside, we see the Huawei Honghu 818 chipset. The result of the 28 nm production process, the Honghu 818, quad-core and 4K 60 FPS video with H.265 support to play. The chipset is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.

The Honor Vision has four 10W speakers. At this point we see differences with the Pro model. Because the Honor Vision Pro comes with six 10W speakers. Features such as Hi-Res wireless audio transfer and six microphones continue to be featured on both devices. What makes the Honor Vision Pro truly different is its 1080p camera. The camera you can use for video calls is unfortunately not available in the standard Honor Vision.


Of course, the most curious part of the television, Huawei’s newly introduced HarmonyOS operating system is. HarmonyOS has a special interface and is equipped with television services for the Chinese market. The company’s biggest claim was that the interaction of the devices with HarmonyOS would be at the highest level. Today’s presentation was underlined. In the future, it is said that the features such as switching a phone with HarmonyOS and controlling the screen will be very easy to use.

If things go well for HarmonyOS, Huawei will be able to create a powerful ecosystem, as the newly released television shows. Communication between the devices seems to be the main point.

If we look at the prices of the recently introduced televisions, we see that the standard Honor Vision model comes with 537 dollars. Honor Vision Pro will be sold at $ 680 for differentiating points such as collapsible camera, 6 speakers and 32 GB memory. Both televisions open for pre-order on 15 August.


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