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Happy development for Starlink from SpaceX!

Happy development for Starlink from SpaceX!

Elon Musk, who wanted to provide high-quality and fast Internet service at an affordable price worldwide, created Starlink. Thanks to the satellites that will be sent to space, it will be possible to achieve gigabit download speeds, and the prices for these packages will be very suitable. To date, 600 satellites have been sent for a more initial project. SpaceX took the necessary steps to test Starlink.

We have already shared for you the speed of the Internet used by Starlink satellites.

Starlink trials will begin in Alaska

SpaceX, which is responsible for satellite launches, is preparing to test the Starlink network in the polar regions of Alaska, South Carolina and Tennessee. SpaceX launched about 600 satellites in Earth orbit. If the project is completed, it is expected that there will be more satellites in orbit than a total of 12,000.

Starlink tests, which will begin in Alaska, will be held in other US states. The profits from the Starlink project will be used for the construction of super-heavy launchers. Tests in Alaska assume the use of spectra 17, 18 and 19 GHz, and for download – 28 and 29 GHz.

According to Starlink’s statement to the FCC (Federal İletişim Commission), the company intends to start a commercial launch of the Internet service by the end of this year. Starlink, which has received wireless router approval for the service, plans to send at least 120 satellites into orbit monthly.

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