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Great convenience to students from Google!

Great convenience to students from Google!

Google Docs has been refreshed with a new referencing system. This process, also known as citing, came to the fore once again with the start of schools. Because many university students started to write thesis.

Apart from the thesis, the bibliography section required even in high school assignments is very important. Schools that switched to digital education due to the COVID-19 epidemic now require more text-based assignments from students.

Google Docs has renewed referencing system

There are various methods for the bibliography section, which is one of the most time consuming stages in writing thesis and article. There is no single standard for citation in the academy world.

Platforms such as G Suite and Google Docs are frequently preferred by students. What are the features of the new citation tool prepared by the search engine giant?

This system allows you to create bibliographies and easily add in-text citations to your article, thanks to methods such as MLA, APA or Chiago. Google’s citation tool works well with the following sources: books, book chapters, sites, magazines, articles and newspapers.

Students often try to add resources with the citation guide provided by their school or use plugins like Citethisforme. Google wants to eliminate these methods. It was said that this vehicle will be delivered to all users within 15 days.

You can reach the relevant statement made by Google on this subject “here“. What do you think of Google Docs? Do you use it often too? We are waiting your comments.

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