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GPU-Z Got AMD RX 6000 and Intel DG1 GPU Support

GPU-Z Got AMD RX 6000 and Intel DG1 GPU Support

The frequently used GPU-Z tool has gained support for RX 6000 GPUs and DG1 external GPU with an unknown release date with the update.

For those who do not know, GPU-Z is a software that has a similar structure to CPU-Z and we can have detailed information about the graphics units in our system. This freeware recently received update 2.35.0, while offering support for upcoming RX 6000 series GPUs and Intel’s DG1 graphics.

As you know, RX 6000 GPUs will be built on RDNA 2 architecture and there is an official announcement on October 28th. These new generation graphics cards are coming to compete with the RTX 30 series Ampere family. The red team also mentioned the ‘Big Navi’ GPU in the Ryzen 5000 promotion with Zen 3 architecture. The model was not specified in the presentation, but the performance values of some games were shared at 4K resolution and the highest settings. These values match the GeForce RTX 3080.

The update also provides support for DG1 external graphics. We expect to see these chips first as a discrete GPU in Tiger Lake-based laptops. Intel has not previously shared a release date for its DG1 external graphics. However, we can say that the promotion is getting closer, especially with the recent leaks. Some information can even be given at CES 2021.

You can download the latest version of the GPU-Z software, which includes some additional enhancements, here or from the TechPowerUp website.

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