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Google Stadia has met Tandem Mode! Here are the features

Google has met Stadia Tandem Mode! Here are the features

Tandem Mode for Google Stadia was introduced. Stadia, which was presented to users on November 19, 2019, is equipped with functional features every day.

Competing with serious competitors such as PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox in the console market, the search engine giant has taken the functionality of the 24-pin connector called USB Type-C to the next level. We know that Stadia offers users the opportunity to use the controller they want when used with a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Google has met Stadia Tandem Mode! Here are the features

Unfortunately, those who use Chromecast and similar products cannot use any game controller, but this has been eliminated. Because, thanks to this new mode, the Type-C compartment in a wireless Stadia controller connected to Stadia will enable a second controller to be activated.

Tandem will tell Stadia that when the buttons on the second controller are pressed, the buttons on the first controller are actually pressed, so that people using other alternative products such as Chromecast will be able to use the game they want. You will be able to use the two controllers separately or at the same time.

Let’s say that this mode will be very useful for people with physical disabilities. Tandem, Xbox’s adaptive controllers (Xbox Adaptive Controller) will work in harmony with Tandem Mode.

Controllers supported by Google’s new system include Stadia’s own controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the Xbox One controller, the Xbox One Elite controller (Series 1 and Series 2), and the Sony DualShock 4 controller.

It was announced that this mod is still under development. To use it, you must follow these instructions:

1 – Enable the Stadia controller.
2 – Connect the Stadia controller to your screen.
3 – Make sure the second controller is charged and powered off.
4 – Plug your second controller into the USB-C bay on your Stadia controller with a USB (universal serial bus) cable.
5 – If you are using an adapter with A-to-C technology, make sure the adapter side is connected with your first controller.
6 – If you want to use this mod with 2 Stadia arms, turn off the second arm before connecting to the first arm.

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