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Google Revised $ 670 Million to Build a Data Center


Google is investing $ 670 million to set up a data center in Finland. Alphabet, which Google is affiliated with, is making huge investments to meet the demand for media and file access.

In an e-mail announcement, Google says the new building is currently in Google’s data center, Hamina, where the company’s total investment is $ 1.6 billion. He said Finland would expand on the southern coast.

Once the expansion is over, players will be able to play games over the network without having to buy expensive consoles or computers. As companies and individuals increase the data they store on cloud platforms, technology companies are also competing to further expand these platforms. Google users already e-mail, map, search, photos and videos. Currently, Google has 58 data centers worldwide.

According to Google’s first quarter earnings reports for 2019, capital expenditures such as data centers, servers and office equipment are close to $ 4.5 billion. Recently, Google Now will be available in over 30 languages ​​and in more than 80 countries.


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