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Google Play Store design has changed again!

Google Play Store design has changed again!

Changing the design of many of its applications earlier this year, Google implemented the same strategy for the Google Play Store. Google Play Store design changes were made available to users in early May.

The progressive update was stopped in June. Users who switched to the new design by taking the update faced the old design when they entered the Google Play Store a few days later.

The Google Play Store design is now available again!

According to Reddit users, Google’s silent retrieval of this new user interface has begun running again. The design, which uses the Google Sans font and the material lines, comes with a major shortcoming.

The abundance of white parts in the design of the Play Store can cause eye damage, especially at night. Of course, Android Q will come with support for dark mode in this regard makes users happy.

One of the best changes to the design of the Play Store is that the tabs move from top to bottom. This makes it much easier to touch one of the options, such as Games, Apps, Movies and Books.


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