Google Pixel 5’s Zoom Technology Super ResZoom Good Enough?


The last member of the Pixel series, in which Google demonstrated its skills in mobile photography, an area where it was ambitious, was the Pixel 5 smartphone. How good is the phone’s Super ResZoom feature?

Another technology giant accompanying ambitious companies such as Apple, Samsung and Sony in the field of mobile photography is Google. One of the features at the focus of the company’s Pixel series smartphones has always been their cameras.

The smartphone series, which previously attracted attention with HDR and low-light capabilities, has created a significant hardware change this year. Leaving the 2 x 16 MP telephoto feature, Google switched to a 16 MP ultra wide angle camera. Although most people like the wide angle, the lack of telephoto was felt in the age of 4-5 camera phones.

How successful is Super ResZoom?

Google Pixel 5s Zoom Technology Super ResZoom Good Enough
Google Pixel 5’s Zoom Technology Super ResZoom Good Enough?

Google is trying to find a solution in the software part of the job to make up for this deficiency. The result of this initiative is Super ResZoom. Multiple frame capture techniques are used in this method. Thus, it is possible to cut pictures without decreasing the image quality.

In fact, this idea has a history that goes back to Pixel 3. Huawei, Oppo, and other companies have used similar methods. In other words, the method is not new and naturally it has developed up to a certain point.

The visuals produced by super resolution systems are not as good as real zoom images. Still, it is not right to say that there is a lot of difference with typical zoom systems or to claim that the Pixel 5’s Super ResZoom feature is weak.

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Telephoto or Sup ResZoom?

In fact, it would be unfair to say that there is a huge difference between the two versions, especially 2x. Although the colors are a bit more vibrant in Pixel 4, there is no noticeable difference in general.

The main difference is when the zoomed scenes are cut. There is a strange moiré effect around the images on Pixel 5 devices. Pixel 4 provides cleaner shooting. However, the difference is not so obvious.

The higher the zoom degree, the greater the difference in quality. Especially after the 5x level, we see a camera with increasing noise and blurring and losing details when a frame is cut. Although the view of the photos is fine for small phone screens, it can be a big problem for a large photo work. The phone’s 12 MP main sensor doesn’t help at all either. It seems that the limit for this technology is actually at 3x.

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