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Google Pixel 5 came up with screen problem

Google Pixel 5 came up with screen problem

The Google Pixel 5, introduced on September 30, attracted attention with its camera capabilities. The Pixel 5, which was opened for pre-order, was out of stock in Germany, Ireland and the UK. Under normal circumstances, Google expected to sell less than 1 million Pixel 5 before the year ended. While the pre-order numbers say the opposite, receiving the first batch had some problems. Google Pixel 5 has come up with a screen problem.

This could be a nuisance for Google, as more pre-orders are caught than expected.

Google Pixel 5 users are experiencing screen problem

The first customers to order a Google Pixel 5 seem to be facing a new problem. It was noticed that some phones had gaps between the screen and bezels. Users think this gap will pose a particular problem for the IP68 waterproof certification. No official statement has yet been made by Google.

The Google Pixel 5 screen problem, which comes with a good pre-order number, can negatively affect sales. While the number of reports from Google Pixel and XDA-Developers forums is increasing, it is estimated that the number of problematic devices is not very large. The gaps between the screen and the frame have occurred in some parts of the phone. The source of the screen problem seen in different regions is currently unknown.

In addition to this, the gaps between the screen and the frame do not occur due to usage. Problematic devices come straight out of the box in this way and stand out directly. The amount of glue used to hold the screen and bezel together is suspected to be too little. However, regardless of the source of the problem, Google is expected to make a statement soon.

Pixel 5, which comes with Snapdragon 765G, also includes 5G support. This year, Google opted not to use Snapdragon 865 on its flagship Pixel 5 model. The pre-order price of the model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is $ 700.

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