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Google Pixel 5 appeared in the performance test

Google Pixel 5 appeared in the performance test

Google will introduce the Pixel 5 model in the coming days. Details.

As you know, in the field of smartphones there are two popular different operating systems. iOS and Android. Apple does not use iOS on any phone or on the scoreboard, except for its own devices. So there is no alternative but iPhone or iPad to get a device using iOS.

But when it comes to Android, things change. If you want to buy a device with Android, you have a large range. Therefore, it is wrong to say that Google is a monopoly of the market in this sense.

Imagine that Google cannot show its success on the side of mobile devices. Google Pixel is still unable to access its customer audience.

Google Pixel 5 features defined

In the coming days, Google will face buyers of the new Pixel series. The new Pixel series model appeared on the AI Geekbench test last year. Thus, some features of the phone became obvious.

Google Pixel 5 will come with the Snapdragon 765G chipset produced by Qualcomm, as revealed in some reports. The phone with 8GB of RAM will also have 5G support.

The Pixel 5 price is likely to be around $700. At least the information in this direction. Obviously, $700 is too high for a mid-segment device.

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