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Google Pixel 4’s screen drops to 60 Hz in some applications


One of the biggest innovations in Google Pixel 4 Smooth Display feature in some applications 90 Hz does not work. They include the Google Maps application.

Google Pixel 4’s screen drops to 60 Hz in some applications

The recently introduced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL models feature many innovations. However, the most important improvement was the Smooth Display. The interface makes the interface much smoother thanks to the feature that keeps the display at 90 Hz refresh rate for different situations. However, some popular applications were found to work at 60 Hz.

Google Maps included

Google’s own Maps application is one of them. Others are Pokemon Go, Waze and WeChat. According to the difference between source codes, Pixel 4 models cannot run at 90 Hz if one of these four applications is on the screen. So even if you use one of the applications in the form of a split screen refresh rate of the screen goes down to 60 Hz. It is particularly sad that Google Maps cannot work at 90 Hz.

Previously, the 90 Hz refresh rate turned out to be disabled when you lower the screen brightness. Google, the brightness of the screen below 75 percent of the screen automatically works at 60 Hz when announced. This is due to the low brightness of the 90 Hz screen was shown to flicker. In short, the Smooth Display feature of the Pixel 4 seems to be very difficult to keep up with.

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