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Google Pixel 4 will be similar to the iPhone

Google Pixel 4 will be similar to the iPhone

Although the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL models have been on the agenda for a long time, they have not been officially introduced. However, while review videos have been leaked, visuals revealing camera performance have been released.

The biggest difference of the Pixel 4 series, which will be introduced on October 15, is the camera. Because, to date, all the smart phones offered for sale in a single rear camera, Google, Pixel 4 is switching to a dual rear camera.

Google Pixel 4 press image confirms resemblance to iPhone

For models like Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, the single camera on both sides outperforms its competitors with three or even four cameras, further enhancing the excitement. Many people wonder if the Pixel 4 can do with dual cameras.

The Pixel 4 press image once again confirms leaked designs and review videos. Although the camera’s rear edge resembles the iPhone 11 Pro series, it is clearly visible that it consists of a dual camera.

While the ā€œGā€ logo remains on the back, the fingerprint reader has been removed, as mentioned earlier. There are two possibilities: the screen will include a fingerprint reader, or Google, which follows a similar strategy Apple follows on iPhone X, will offer biometric verification with face recognition only.


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