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Google Pixel 4 start advertising for

Google Pixel 4 start advertising for

Google has already started work on advertising for the new Pixel model, which will be launched on October 15th. Here are the latest details about Google Pixel 4.

Google, one of the important names in the software and technology industry, will introduce the new Pixel model at a special event on October 15. Days before the launch of Google Pixel 4, #SwitchtoPixel tagged new videos on YouTube.

The privileges of Pixel users in shared videos have been highlighted. You can browse these videos below.

According to the information leaked so far, we know that Google Pixel 4 will be powered by Snapdargon 855 and will support its system with 6GB RAM. The phone will work with Android 10 when it first comes out of the box and will come in orange, white and black.

The Pixel 4, which also features 3D face lock thanks to Motion Sense technology, will be the first model in the series to have two main cameras. Together with the new Pixel model, Google will give up the stubbornness of the single main camera.

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