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Google Pixel 4 launched without promotion

Google Pixel 4 launched without promotion

Three weeks before the introduction of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, almost all the details have been revealed. In addition to the review video, the leaked features and design of the Google Pixel 4 were released without being introduced.

As you can imagine, you can’t order Pixel 4 right now. However, an Irish-based shopping site shows up with its price and colors and e-mail address of those who want to be notified when the order is opened.

You may be surprised by the price of Google Pixel 4!

In the Pixel 4 series, Orange is added to the White and Black color options, which we are used to from previous models. The Irish retailer listed three colors for both phones and models offering 64 GB / 128 GB of storage.

The most interesting part is the prices described. The Pixel 4 has a price tag of 820 euros for the 64 GB model and 940 euros for the 128 GB model. Pixel 4 XL with 128 GB of storage space is said to have a price of 1126 euros.

We have seen retailers willingly or inadvertently share wrong prices. If these prices are true, it seems we will be facing a huge price jump after Pixel 3.

  1. BB says:

    Crazy amount of money for something that will be replaced in just over a year from now.

    1. SoCoolCurt says:

      Wow those really are gorgeous phones, especially the white one. They can keep them at those prices though. My 2 XL is still holding up and I paid too much for it as well, honestly.

  2. Marko says:

    No thanks, they can keep it. Too expensive.

  3. Scott says:

    I’ll wait until they cut the price in half. Bought the 2XL just to have them cut the price 5 days later.

  4. Paul Eckstein says:

    So I’m very happy with the 3a. Half the price. Excellent phone.

  5. Joseph says:

    Lol people say too experience but will spend $300-$500 more for a Samsung or Apple

  6. Zack says:

    I honestly think that won’t be the price especially after the apple reveal with the 11 being in the $600’s and Google has seen that they don’t sell well with their flagship phones year after year. The 3a is what really boosted their sells. I honestly think the 4 will be around $700. It wouldn’t make any sense for google to increase the price knowing their phones don’t sell as well as Apple or Samsung (those two companies can increase the price and still receive a decent amount of sells).

  7. DomLou says:

    These are assumptions. The official launch has not even been made yet. We will know for sure in October. As of now we can just assume… They can’t be any higher than the iPhone, like always.

  8. Sinom says:

    The prices are actually less than what they were in Europe last year. Eventhough the euro is worth more than the dollar, pixel phones are usually a lot more expensive in Europe than in the US. The only version that is more expensive is the 128GB version.

  9. Mike says:

    Doesn’t matter how good the phone is, if battery life drops to 2 hours or less after few months. That’s my experience with Google phones. Works great one day, and Google forces updates, phone runs hot then battery life is never the same.

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