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Google Pixel 4 is on the agenda with an annoying problem

Google Pixel 4 is on the agenda with an annoying problem

Although the Google Pixel 4 duo didn’t receive the expected attention this year, it hosted several innovations, from the transition to a dual camera to the Project Soli movements. At the same time, Google said goodbye to the fingerprint reader with these phones.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which switched to 3D face recognition, have been criticized for opening the lock even with eyes closed. Aside from this issue, those who buy Google’s new flagship face another problem of face recognition.

Google Pixel 4 on the agenda with facial recognition issue

Some users who want to activate the face lock or have already activated it face problems. The error “Unable to verify face, try again” and “Unable to verify face, hardware not available” is the source of the problem.

This problem, which has been seen on a limited number of devices since November, has increased with the recent January security patch for Pixel models. Google offers two different solutions to affected users.

Users were advised to delete face recognition data, re-register, or reset the device to factory settings. However, the majority of users say that these two methods have not resolved the problem.

Some users even say that they can’t even delete the registered face recognition data. Google recommends users choose passwords, PINs or patterns to keep phones secure until the issue is resolved.

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