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Google Pixel 4 DxOMark Audio Results Announced


DxOMark, known for examining the cameras of smartphones, examined the audio equipment and quality of Pixel 4, Google’s latest flagship smartphone. The device achieved an average of 68 points.

Google’s flagship phone, Pixel 4, has been evaluated by DxOMark, known for its camera and audio reviews. In other words, the rear camera, front camera and audio equipment of Pixel 4 were examined during the evaluation.

DxOMark, known for its camera reviews, has just begun its sound tests. No additional hardware or additional software is installed on the devices tested in a controlled laboratory environment.

DxOMark results

According to DxOMark, Google was able to perform adequately with the Pixel 4. The site also said “a very impressive bass for such a small device.. However, the Pixel 4 is somewhat lacking in the bass compared to other phones in the same flagship smartphone category. Pixel 4 achieved 70 points in the playback category.

On the record side, Pixel 4 scored 63 points. Google’s flagship performed quite well in timbre voice recording. In addition to the in-phase recording levels, there was no deterioration in noisy sound recordings. The device also achieved a similar performance in video recording.

Looking at the negative side of the assessment, Pixel 4, echoing sound with recognizable structures were seen. The device added unnatural background noises and structures in some cases. The device achieved a total of 68 points, which makes it above the DxOMark average. You can find more detailed information on the evaluation of the device at DxOMark’s own website.

So, what do you think about the sound score of Pixel 4, Google’s latest flagship smartphone? Do you think it’s enough for a flagship? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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