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Google Phone’s Call Recording Feature Added to Some Xiaomi Devices


According to Xiaomi users on forums, Google Television has been added to some devices of the Chinese brand. In some Redmi models, it is not yet clear when the feature will be added to other Xiaomi devices.

Recently, Google announced that Pixel will increase the number of devices on Android that support Google Television. The company, which continues to increase the number of devices to support the application, on the one hand, is working to support recording calls in the phone application.

The first rumors that Google is working on recording calls appeared in January last year. As expected, the feature was added to the Google Pixel series. Now it turned out that some Xiaomi users can use the phone application to record calls.

The call recording feature of Google Phone can be used on many Xiaomi devices:

Google Phone’s Call Recording Feature Added to Some Xiaomi Devices

Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro are available in global smartphone options. The Mi A-series, which uses Android One instead of MIUI, has received this feature in recent months.

In fact, Xiaomi provided search data via MII to its users in China, India and Indonesia. However, in Europe and other regions this feature is not available. This is due to the fact that global devices by default arrived in Google along with the application “Translators and People.”

Judging by what was written on Xiaomi forums, the call recording function is available on many Xiaomi devices, but it is not yet known whether the function is used on a wide scale or Google is still under testing. Therefore, if the feature is not already available on your device, you may need to wait a little while. If new details are available, we will keep you informed.

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