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Google News ‘Original News’ Period Begins

Google News ‘Original News’ Period Begins

Google wants to give more importance to and support original journalism. From now on, the original news content will rank higher in the search engine.

According to the news in the Financial Times, there will be a significant change in Google. The company will identify the long-term original news content that is laborious and will take it to the top of the search list and make it appear longer.

“The company wants to support investigative journalism and help people access competent journalism,” said Richard Gingras, President of Google News. he said.

Most Common Search Engine: Google!

As the world’s most popular and most widely used search engine, Google ranks millions of websites every day to suit the interests of its users.

Google also plays a very effective role in advertising is estimated to generate $ 330 billion revenue from this sector.

But Google, like Facebook, was criticized for failing to prevent false news and non-authentic content from becoming prominent.

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