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Google Messages new feature will be talked about a lot

Google Messages new feature will be talked about a lot

Google, one of the largest technology platforms in the world, will attract great attention with its new feature of messages. Here are the curious details about the subject.

US-based technology giant Google has rolled up its sleeves for the new feature of messages. Again, a similar feature will be gained with g-mail, another service of the company. It is said that the company will schedule time for the messages feature. Accordingly, you will be able to send the message you want at the time and date you desire. This way, you won’t have to wait long to send the message.

Google messages can be sent on the requested date

With the new feature, Google leaves the messaging issue completely to the users. Let’s say you have to send an extremely important message, but the time for this message is not now. In this case, you will have the option to send messages via Google on your desired date.

We can say that messaging applications have gained great value recently. People’s turning to virtual conversations has a huge share in this. This is exactly why Google has brought some updates to its messaging app.

With the new feature, you have the possibility to wait until the date of sending the message. On the date the message is sent, Google will ask you questions again. If you are sure about sending the message, it will be delivered. In addition, you will be able to make various changes as the posting date approaches.

You can also import the messages to a later date if you want, so you do not have to stick to the date you have previously set. In your opinion, what kind of contributions will the changes requested by Google offer? You can share your predictions with us in the comments section.

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