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‘Google Fit’ Android and iOS Update Bringing New Features

‘Google Fit’ Android and iOS Update Bringing New Features

After Google Fit’s last year’s interface update, Google began improvements to the application’s physical activity tracking. With the latest update, improvements in heart rate and step tracking are noticeable. In addition, a dark theme and a feature that records your sleep status is another noteworthy feature.

With the latest update published by Google, Google Fit gets a dark theme. The update comes with features to monitor your sleep. The most striking feature of this feature is the “Sleep State” graphic. When you look at this graph, you can even see your heart rhythm and the number of steps until you enter the main menu of the application after waking up. This table on Google Fit records your activities and classifies them daily, weekly and monthly.

When you use a program to stay in shape or diet, experts will ask you to follow your sleep. You can connect any third-party app you use with Google Fit and access your “Sleep Status” chart.

By the way, after last month’s test, the dark theme for Google Fit is officially online. You can toggle this feature on / off via Settings. Google Fit supports the system-wide Battery Saver options with the support of the Android client.

Google Fit, which was last released for iOS last April, can now include the program you watch during your workout. Once the app has granted the necessary permissions to Apple Health, it can generate a statistical summary of your workout with the help of an Apple Watch, a connected app, or Wear OS.

These features will begin to meet users in the coming weeks. With the latest update for iOS, the dark theme is already available, but sleep tracking tools are not yet available for both platforms.

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