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Google Brings Dark Theme Support For iOS Applications

Google Brings Dark Theme Support For iOS Applications

Google is bringing support for dark themes for Docs, Sheets, and Slides on iOS.

Google announced that the dark theme is available for Docs, Sheets and Slides on iOS. Dark theme support was brought to the Android version of apps two months ago. Today, it has finally been updated for iOS users. As in the Android version, the new feature will automatically come to the applications. However, if you prefer not to enable it, you will be able to disable the dark mode from the theme section by going to the menu settings.

The new view is available to all G Suite users with personal or corporate Google accounts, provided they have the latest version of Documents, Sheets, and Slides. Although the feature is automatically applied to the system settings in iOS, you can also manually enable it from the settings section in the menu tab by opening Google’s productivity applications. After activation, you can go to the theme section and choose the dark mode.

In addition, by tapping the three-dot menu, you can use the “View in open theme” option to see how your document looks with and without dark mode, and tailor the content for both themes. The new dark theme feature will be a very useful change for those who prefer to see apps in dim light, with a less glaring look.

Finally, let’s say that you can start using the new feature by manually updating the G Suite apps from the App Store.

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