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Google Announces Web Stories Plugin for WordPress

Google Announces Web Stories Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Web Stories plugin, which is in beta, has reached its final version. In addition, a community called Web Creators will be created.

If you remember, we talked about Google’s Web Stories project in the past months and we reported that the beta process started. The Web Stories plugin is a story format born from Google’s AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and the goal is to deliver visually rich stories through a mobile-oriented format.

The Web Stories plugin for WordPress provides a WYSIWYG interface for creating story content while working similarly to Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, this content can be found in Google Search and Discover. The plugin has been in beta for a while now and version 1.0 is now available.

Google partnered with Unsplash to provide users with a photo library and free stock video from Coverr. However, the story editor also has advanced customization tools: extensive visual editing capabilities, templates, redesigned visual media gallery, image masking, gradient editing, saved colors and styles.

Google will add more templates, media integrations and features in the future. In addition, Web Stories plugin like AMP is also open source so anyone can contribute.

The company also announced a new platform called the Web Creators community and said:

“We aim to create a place where people who create content for the web can learn, be inspired and grow.”

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