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Google announced the version of Android 11 Go Edition!

Google announced the version of Android 11 Go Edition!

A new news has emerged in the Android 11 version, which has started to be distributed for Google Pixel phones. Google announced the Android 11 Go Edition version for entry-level smartphones with its new statement. Here are the features of Android 11 Go Edition!

Android 11 Go Edition features

US-based technology giant Google recently introduced Android 11, the new member of the Android ecosystem. With its new statement, the company announced the Android Go operating system, which it announced to be developed for entry-level phones in 2018, as Android 11 Go Edition and announced its features.

According to the information shared on the Google Blog, Android 11 GE will be 20 percent faster than the Android 10 GE version. Along with this, which is a very important development for entry-level phones, a new notification panel has also been introduced. Just as standard Android 11 users see chat notifications from above, those using the GE version will see the same.

The new version of the operating system is also very ambitious for privacy. Android 11 GE will automatically remove permissions for long-term unused applications.

Android 11 GE users will be able to calmly use the enlarged screen space. Users will be able to use their screens more effectively through the movements they will be offered.

In the statement made by Google, with the application named “Secure Folder”, users will be able to securely store the files they want to hide in this folder with a 4-digit PIN code.

Android 11 GE version will be available on all new devices with up to 2GB of memory from next month.

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