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Google Android TV, codenamed Sabrina, was leaked!

Google Android TV, codenamed Sabrina, was leaked!

Earlier this year, it was reported that Google is working on a new buyer that will replace Chromecast Ultra. Today, Roland Quandt leaked a new device that has not yet been leaked. Google Android TV codenamed Sabrina.

Google Android TV details, code named Sabrina, have been leaked!

Google introduced a new version of Chromecast Ultra. But there was no official information about this device. Today, Roland Quandt launched a new Google Android TV codenamed Sabrina.

In Google, Chromecast models do not have remote control. But judging by the leaks, this new device will appear using remote control. The remote control has classic buttons, such as home, back, playback, pause and silence, as well as a Google assistant button. The device will also leave the box with an IR transmitter. Thus, users can configure the device console to work with existing TVs.

It is not yet known whether there is a quick-use button for Netflix or such a platform, since the entire console is not displayed in the merged samples.

Like many other Google products, Android TV hardware will feature a pastel color resembling the pink shade introduced by Google with Pixel 3. Sabrina is also expected to support a wide range of Android TV with local integration of YouTube TV and support for voice commands with an internal remote microphone. Information that the product receives power from the Amlogic S905X2 processor and receives Dolby Audio support. It looks like the primary storage of the device, which will have 2 GB of RAM, will be 16 GB. This model contains information that the company will use Google TV instead of Android TV.

Despite the fact that there is no clear information about the official date of the presentation and the price of the device, among the strong claims that it will make with a price tag below $100. It is expected that the details of the device will be published during the next fall.

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