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Google alarmed smartphone manufacturers!

Google alarmed smartphone manufacturers!

Although Android-based smartphones are highly preferred, unfortunately, they are not 100 percent safe. Aware of this, Google is working on various projects to protect users who prefer Android and are concerned about security.

The search engine giant, which increases the amount of money prizes it gives to those who find vulnerabilities and increases the duration of Android support from 2 years to 3, has presented its new project called Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative to the service of developers. What does this project do?

Google worried about Android-based smartphones

Users will now be able to transparently see the security vulnerabilities detected in models produced by smartphone manufacturers using this operating system. The 21-year-old search engine has found that many applications pre-installed by the manufacturers are also unsafe.

Google announced that an Internet browser, which is very popular today and installed on Android phones by manufacturers, cannot protect information belonging to users. The company that developed this browser has released a new update and this problem has disappeared.

Google had detected viruses that were dangerous enough to crash the Android system in a system that the Huawei team prepared for device backup in 2019. Oppo and Vivo models using the “Sideloading” method, which allows you to transfer files from one device to another device offline, were also not secure.

The models offered to users by ZTE were not safe in terms of messaging and browser experience. The quartet Meizu, MediaTek, Digitime and Transsion are also in danger. It was reported that Google warned these brands as well.

Here” you can see which smartphone brands are dealing with vulnerabilities. We recommend that you always keep your phone’s operating system up to date and update your apps at all times.

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