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Good news from HTC who lost blood!

Good news from HTC who lost blood!

One of the first manufacturers to use the Android operating system and the phone industry for years leading HTC, HTC has become one of the brands that began to be deleted from the minds. Taiwanese manufacturer has been losing blood for a long time.

Nevertheless, HTC has been focusing on virtual and augmented reality, introducing new models of the Wildfire series in recent weeks. After a long hiatus, some good news came.

HTC’s good news: increased revenue in August!

The Taiwanese technology company experienced an increase of 66.8 percent in August compared to July. 23.5 million dollars in revenue, while last year, the situation is still bad. Indeed, the annual decline is 47.1 percent.

HTC’s good news: increased revenue in August!

Predictably, this revenue increase was not achieved with smartphones. As we mentioned earlier, the company focuses on virtual reality, Vive Pro Eye, Vive Focus, Vive Focus Plus and Vive Cosmos, such as the launch of VR-related products on the market will increase its profits.

While HTC’s revenue is expected to increase continuously by the end of the year, it remains unclear whether this will improve business.


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