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Good news for the Galaxy M30s has arrived!

Good news for the Galaxy M30s has arrived!

One of Samsung’s affordable smartphone models, the Galaxy M30s, has achieved a great deal of interest since its launch. Android 9 came out of the box with a good news for the phone now. You can get the Android 10 update recently Galaxy M30s. What will the Galaxy M30s update date be?

When will the Galaxy M30s get Android 10?

Samsung announced earlier that the M30 series will receive the Android 10 update in May 2020. However, with a change now, we see that the update date of the Galaxy M20 and the Galaxy M30 series has been further enhanced.

The resulting Wi-Fi Alliance documents show some details of the Samsung Galaxy M30s. In these details we see the updated document on January 9, 2020 and the Galaxy M30s with Android 10 installed. Thus, the recent Android 10 update is among the high expectations.


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