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Good news for Google Translate users

Good news for Google Translate users

Since Google translated Translate, accuracy has become very high. This Google service, which helps many people, provides more services to users with new features every day. In January, when the possibility of instant translation from a photo appeared, translations became more functional. Now Google Translate has a new text writing function.

Google Translate new text saving feature

Google Translate allows you to write translations converted to text. The function of saving converted text, which is not in the application and is among the expected functions, is finally added to the translation service.

Before this property, you had to copy it somewhere if you have converted text. Now you’re getting rid of it. With the new feature, you can save and access texts from Google’s mobile translation app.

Google announced its new feature via Twitter. The only thing you need to do to use this feature in mobile mode is to tap and save the star next to the text you want to save. You can then access the translation texts that you saved as a list. If you save too much text, you can organize or name these texts.

If you’re using Google Translate in the latest version, you might get this feature, but some people can’t get this feature even if they’ve downloaded the latest version. We can say that over time more people will achieve this function.

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