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Good news came for Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Good news came for Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Samsung does not fall off the agenda with its fingerprint deficit in recent days. Galaxy S10 model, and the Galaxy Note 10 series has been found to affect the security of the device through the screen lock can be easily bypassed.

When you print your fingerprints with some gel-based screen savers, your fingerprints are not actually registered. The pattern of the screen saver is recorded by the device. Therefore, the device was opened with every fingerprint.

Galaxy S10 and Note 10 started to receive fingerprint update!

Although it is said that these screensavers are the source of the problem, we have recently shown you that a user has disabled Note 10’s fingerprint protection. In this context, the source of the problem remains unknown.

Galaxy S10 5G, then S10 and Note 10 models began to receive updates for the fingerprint said. Samsung will send a message to users with the update. Users are told to delete all fingerprints stored on the device and re-register them without a screen saver.

People with any phone in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series are advised not to use the fingerprint reader until they receive the update.

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