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Gmail’s Secret Email Mode Comes to G Suite


Google’s email service is added to G Suite, which is Gmail’s admirable feature. In the past year, the massive change that Gmail has made on the website has made many users happy, while others have opted for the old interface.

With this innovation, all Gmail users will be able to use the secret e-mail option is coming soon to G Suite.

E-mails sent via secret e-mail mode; sending, copying, printing, and downloading can be disabled by default. The sender can add a valid expiration date from 1 to 5 years to the e-mail. The expired e-mails are automatically deleted and thus prevent the dissemination of valuable information.

The e-mail can be read by e-mail to be sent to the phone to be sent to the phone to send the password can be added by the sender. As of June 25, confidential email sending mode will be enabled and available by default for all G Suite users.

G Suite users who want to try this mode at the moment can activate the option to send the secret e-mail by following the Applications> G Suite> Gmail Settings> User Settings path. Please note that this feature is currently in beta for G Suite. Therefore, the feature may be unstable and may cause errors.

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