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Gmail comes in dark mode

Gmail comes in dark mode

Android 10 recently entered smartphones. First operating in Google’s Pixel family operating system will be gradually used in other Android devices in the coming days. With the release of Android 10 mobile applications also gained new features. The gospel of Gmail dark mode was also given during this period.

Google finally launched the system-wide dark mode for the Gmail application, a week after the release of Android 10. The company aimed to offer and convert applications that are compatible with this release. However, in response to Android 10 released on September 3, Gmail dark mode update could only come a week later.

Gmail came with dark mode gospel Android 10

According to the latest version of Gmail, there is a mode that completely darkens the background of the application. One cut may think that dark white text is tired, but if you still like dark mode, you’ll easily get used to this new dark color.

Note that the dark mode currently available is only available for Android 10. Users with the latest version of Android, Gmail will have this feature. Of course, this only concerns Pixel owners for the time being. However, the number of Android 10 smartphone in the future will increase. Gmail dark mode will be available to many Android users.


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