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Germany plans to shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022


Germany, which has turned to renewable energy sources, plans to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2022. Later, coal plants are next.

Germany plans to shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022

Determined to direct its energy production capabilities to renewable resources, Germany closed another nuclear power plant on New Year’s Eve. According to the energy company EnBW, the Philippsburg 2 reactor was disconnected from the powerline at 19:00 local time. The country plans to gradually phase out all nuclear power plants by 2022.

With the deactivation of Philippsburg 2 reactors near Karlsruhe, there are 6 nuclear power plants left in the country. Philippsburg 1, the brother of the reactor, which produced energy for 35 years, was closed in 2011.

Germany does not only shut down its nuclear power plants. Europe’s largest economy in January 2019 with a decision taken in the coal plants reported that the gradual closure. With the decision taken as a result of long-term meetings and researches, the country plans to close 84 coal power plants in different regions by 2038.

The closure of coal power plants, which are responsible for 35% of the country’s electricity production, for a longer time period compared to nuclear power plants, is primarily related to the country’s desire to end its dependence on nuclear energy.

It will not be difficult to predict that the need for coal power plants will continue for a while with the cut-off of energy from the nuclear power plant.


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