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GeForce Now works in sync with the Steam Library


Although the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service has a decrease in the catalog of supported games available to users, deeper integration with Steam will attract users.

GeForce Now works in sync with the Steam Library

Nvidia GeForce Now’s cloud gaming service works synchronously with the Steam library. The service allowed players to play games in the cloud purchased on other digital gaming platforms, but the search and recording of compatible games was responsible for the user. With the new Game Sync feature, this will happen automatically.

GeForce Now allows users to add games received through Steam, Epic Games Store, or Uplay to the cloud using the Game Sync feature.

When the paid package Nvidia GeForce Now was presented to users, it gathered many responses among publishers. After this reaction, the company in May began to receive the approval of developers for the use of games on the platform.

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