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Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Brownie Edition revealed

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Brownie Edition revealed

It is curious that the features of the complex Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone have recently begun to be detailed. At the same time, unexpectedly, an advertising video was published for the exclusive version of the Thom Brownie Edition phone.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 features and launch date

Galaxy Z Fold 2 first appeared at the launch of Galaxy Unpacked. Despite the fact that the details about the folding phone are not known, we first got the idea of ​ ​ Fold 2 in this launch.

Yesterday, after the detailed features of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a promotional video for a special version of Thom Brownie Edition appeared. The same version was created for Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung is trying to eliminate design errors that arose in the Galaxy Fold model with Galaxy Z Fold 2 features.

An external screen used on two screens, including external and external, is not preferred in a small structure such as Galaxy Fold. The external screen has a resolution of 6.2 inches and a resolution of 816 x 2260, the internal screen has a resolution of 7.6 inches and a resolution of 1768 x 2208. The speed of updating these 120Hz screens and HDR10 Plus technology.

We can again use the inside screen as a second screen in the form of books, such as the Galaxy Fold, and a phone folded horizontally through a loop. On this internal screen, you can run three applications at once.

Samsung has placed a selfie camera on both the inside and the outside screen. These cameras are located on the outer screen, and the inner one on the upper right. These cameras have a resolution of 10 MP and f/2.2. And in the back seat – with a three-chamber installation of a folding phone.

Wide-angle camera f/1.8, ultraviolet camera f/2.2, telephone camera has 2X optical zoom and f/2.4.

Fold 2 and I have a new loop system. The more aesthetic design also has a structure that prevents dust from accumulating between the loops. Thus, in the Galaxy Fold, the problem of damage to the screen from dust accumulation disappears.

Snapdragon 865 Plus. Battery size 4500 mach. This battery has 25W wired and 11W wireless charging.

It is expected that the presentation for the stored phone will take place on September 1. Earlier on the Samsung page İngiltere the model accidentally cost 1799 pounds, that is, $2400.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition

In this new version, we are faced with a more elegant design. The color palette is gray and brown, and in the back of the version – red, white and blue, symbolizing the US flag. These colors are brighter in the Galaxy Z Flip version, softer in the new version.

This version does not differ from the normal version. This can cause the high level coating used in the exterior coating to cost much more than the Thom Brownie Edition. Because in the first version we faced a more expensive price tag than the Galaxy Z Flip.

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