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Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with features not available in S20

Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with features not available in S20

Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with features not found in the previous model of the series, the Galaxy S20. So what will these features be?

Samsung apparently wants to do things differently in 2021. At least this is true for the upcoming flagship model. The South Korean giant will introduce the next generation S21 flagship series in January. These models will be named Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21 Plus and S21.

Until now, there had been many reports and rumors about these models. Of course, the S21 series will try to bring features that were missing from its predecessor. Now we’re looking at a new feature that Galaxy S20 users are dying to reach their smartphones. Yes! We are talking about a 120 Hz refresh rate in QHD resolution.

Galaxy S21 can support 120 Hz refresh rate in Ultra QHD resolution!

Samsung offers display panels with a high refresh rate of 120Hz with the S20 trio, while the smartphone manufacturer limited the refresh rate to 1080p resolution. This means that users cannot take full advantage of the device’s display panel. This will change with the high-end S21 Ultra.

If you’re expecting Chaebol to upgrade to the 4K display panel, you might be disappointed. While the 4K display panel was a significant upgrade, the display panel would not be that practical. First, the media industry still can’t handle 4K content, and it seems that this won’t happen anytime soon. Second, the 4K display panel on smartphones will definitely add heavy bucks. There’s no point in spending that extra hard-earned money on technology that would be next to negligible practical use.

However, it seems like the Galaxy S21 Ultra will definitely allow users to enjoy the high refresh rate in QHD resolution that offers you the best of both worlds.

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