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Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled!

Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled!

Samsung announced a new version of the Galaxy Fold, which had been postponed for months because of the screen breaking problem. Even before 24 hours after the official announcement of Samsung, Galaxy Fold pre-orders were canceled.

No need to worry! Samsung’s foldable phone didn’t show any problems in the renewed state. Canceled Galaxy Fold pre-orders are those that were pending in February, which means that they were pre-ordered when they first came out.

Old Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled!

Samsung offers a discount coupon of $ 250 for the Samsung web shop, which wants to compensate for the grievance suffered by users. This includes the Galaxy Fold, which means that pre-orderers will have a $ 250 discount.

As of today, the phone opened to order in South Korea, September 18, France, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom will meet. The pre-order process of the phone, which will enter the US market at the end of this month, has not yet started.

Samsung’s official press release does not include prices. Expectations are that the price around 1750 Euro will not change. Even those who have a discount coupon will make one of the biggest payments to date for a phone.

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