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Galaxy A21s with macro sensor appeared


This year, Samsung is determined to put macro sensors on its entry-level smartphones for close-up. The Galaxy A21s will be the cheapest Samsung phone that comes with a macro sensor.

Galaxy A21s with macro sensor appeared

After the emergence of Samsung’s Galaxy A11, which will compete at entry level, another important model, Galaxy A21s, has also surfaced. The model will try to differentiate with the macro sensor.

What will the Galaxy A21s offer?

This year, a model like Galaxy A21 was not found. It is not known whether Samsung will directly switch to the Galaxy A21s. This is something we’re not usually used to. In this respect, there may be two different versions depending on the region, Galaxy A21s and Galaxy A21.

It is stated that there will be 32GB / 64GB storage option, although the details are not yet clear. In addition, there will be 2MP resolution macro sensor in the camera package. For the first time, a macro sensor will be installed on a Samsung phone at this level.

Another information about Galaxy A21s is that it has many color options such as black, blue, white, red. So he can attract a little younger users. There is no release date for the Galaxy A21s yet.


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