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Fully Wireless Red Magic Headphones Announced


Red Magic translates the sound to the player faster with a full delay time of 39ms. Also, the outer part is designed for LED lighting.

Fully Wireless Red Magic Headphones Announced

In the full class of wireless headphones, we gradually begin to see the models of players. The most important features in full wireless headphones of players are put forward as delay times. This is the latest example of Red Magic wireless headphones.

Red Magic TWS Features and Price

The full model of Red Magic wireless headphones is designed for the company’s own gaming smartphones and is focused on low latency. The delay time on compatible Red Magic phones drops to 39ms. The remaining phones are at 60 ms.

The earphone design contains a horn that must be strong and durable. LED lighting at the edges of the outer part. Right in the center is an LED battery. During charging, the light sparkles.

Headphones are used up to 20 hours with one charge, but possibly thanks to the internal battery in the cap. The headphones and phone match as soon as you open the lid. Red Magic TWS wireless headphones will be available with a $42 price tag.

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