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Free content is distributed for Battlefield V!

Free content is distributed for Battlefield V!

Battlefield V, developed by Dice, is enjoyed by many players. Gamers who love weapon mechanics often prefer the BF V. Especially with the renewed bullet-drop mechanics, players have fun with more realistic weapon mechanics.

Free tank and weapon skins for Battlefield V

The customization of armored vehicles, planes and weapons in the game is quite high, so players can customize weapons, planes and tanks according to their play style. In addition, you need to play the game more to unlock the skins on weapons and vehicles. Dice gives prizes to players with weekly missions. In this way, the players continue to play the game.

Yesterday, free content was announced to the players with a tweet from the Battlefield official Twitter account.

Free content includes Dead of Night skin for Panzer IV. Additionally, there is the Splattered skin for the Sturmgewehr 1-5, Tromboncino, KE7 and Gewehr M95 / 30 weapons. All these skins contain a halloween theme. All skins are given free of charge to anyone entering the game until November 4th.

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